Views of Resilience

A podcast series in which educators and families reflect on their experiences during the pandemic and share learnings and hopes for the school year ahead  

Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships (BCHNP) is proud to present "Views of Resilience: What School Communities and Families Learned During the Pandemic", a podcast series for educators, school communities, and families everywhere.

Navigating the pandemic has been a difficult journey and stories of hardship can be found everywhere. However, amidst the struggles and challenges, school communities have found ways to adapt in order to support the needs of students, families, and staff.

This podcast series includes three episodes and feature educators, students, and caregivers sharing the ways in which they have demonstrated strength and care for one another along with strategies they will bring into the school year ahead. 

The description, links, and audio for each episode can be found below. Free resources for educators provided by BCHNP's Training and Access Project (TAP) Online are also available, along with the transcripts for the episodes and a brief survey for listeners.ners. ner

Resilience and Self-Awareness Among Educators

Educators share ways in which they have continued to move forward in the midst of adversity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. We learn about how they have become more aware of their areas of strength as well as areas where they need more support, and strategies they will continue to use in the upcoming year.

Featured interviews:

Narrated by Molly Jordan, MSW, LICSW

The Role of School Environments in Fostering Resilience

This episode focuses on the school environment and how it can support children and adolescents and foster their resilience. Educators share adaptations they have made within their practice in the school environment and their hopes looking forward to the school year ahead.

Featured interviews:

Narrated by Karen Capraro, MSW, LICSW, M.Ed

Resilience and Families: The Role of Family Identity and School Communities

Caregivers and students discuss their experiences during the pandemic and what family resilience means for them. We learn how these families relied on each other, their schools, and their communities to cope with adversity and adapt to unexpected changes in day to day routines, schedules, and ways of life.

Featured interviews:

Narrated by Andie Hernandez, MSW, LICSW, M.Ed


TAP Online

A series of free trainings for educators and school communities on social-emotional learning and behavioral health in schools.

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The transcripts for the three episodes within this series

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Resources and References

All the references for the three episodes within this series

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Boston Children's Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships (BCHNP) is the school-based behavioral health program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. The Training and Access Project (TAP), an initiative within BCHNP, provides professional development and consultation services to help build schools’ capacity to support students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health needs. Adapted from TAP’s in-person trainings, TAP Online is a series of free online trainings and webinars that feature educators and school professionals sharing their own experiences and strategies in the classroom. 

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